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    See the components of each stroke demonstrated and explained in depth by the best swimmers in the world.

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Swimmers of all ages and skills: Age groupers - High School - College/Elite - Masters - Triathletes - Novice

Full Stroke Demonstrations

Swim Videos on Demand is a must for visual learners. You swim lap after lap, but have you seen every stroke and every drill performed close to perfect from all angles and explained in detail by the best in the world so you can emulate it?

Highest Quality Videos

Fitter and Faster has sourced through thousands of hours of videos of the best swimmer/clinicians in the world to provide you with only the most relevant and highest quality content to help you improve your swimming.

Organized Intuitively

We have organized it all! No more need to search endlessly on the internet for swim videos that might be "okay"... and from sources you don't know. Plus, we add a NEW VIDEO every week!
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COACHES: this is a terrific teaching resource for you... and an intuitive learning tool for your swimmers. Observe Olympians, world champions and Paralympians demonstrating and explaining the components of each stroke, drills, starts, turns and more.

Beautiful underwater footage captured by Argo Swim Videos.

Fitter and Faster Swim Videos

Videos of the highest quality... on the most well organized platform. Swimmers and coaches find what they need - when they need it.

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